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From The Blog

Certified Hypnotherapist

Twy James is a Certified Hypnotherapist from the National Guild of Hypnotists.  Using the power of hypnosis to help people over come various things in a persons life that they were not otherwise able to overcome. Overcoming addictions,  getting in better shape by enjoying exercise,  overcoming insomnia, becoming healthy by enjoying healthier foods,  stopping bad […]

We Stopped Smoking

  My name is Laura.  I have not smoked since 1-27-09.  To me this is a bonafied miracle.  I picked up cigarette smoking at 12 years old.  Right after my 62nd birthday I had my stop smoking session.  Not to say I didn’t try many times and even my respiratory system was already compromised.  I […]

I Lost Weight!

I Lost 50 pounds when I relized the power to lose weight was something inside of me. I’m so glad hypnotherapy help me to find it

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